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Business Development

Business Development - Case Studies

Business development & -innovation (Insurance Company), Stockholm, Sweden

  • Analyzed the Swedish Insurance market and new potential products and services.
  • Analyzed the Swedish healthcare market from a political and business point of view in order to see what new insurance products would and could be in demand within the next 10 years.
  • The project resulted in a report for the client on what new insurance products to offer, when new markets would be likely to open, the market size for these products, what their competitors where doing, what insurance products were out there, what clients to target for the products and what they would be willing to pay for these products.
  • The client later sucessfully developed and launched new insurance products based on the conclusions in this report taking a market leading position.

Developed database and screening process to expand customer base, Private Bank, London, UK

  • Developed a database and screening process of customer prospects as part of a project to double the existing client base.