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✔️ Writing the necessary documents

✔️ Building the product

✔️ Investing 50% of the cost

Turning an innovative idea into a product is not an easy challenge. You have to do your market research, identify what your idea will bring to customers, prepare a business plan, find a co-founder and develop an MVP (don’t develop a prototype!). All of these tasks are challenging. The problem is even bigger if you don’t have the right skills or if you are working full time (not enough time).

Not having the proper support for even the best of ideas can kill them. In fact, many investors look at the founding team first before looking at the idea when considering making an investment. At FasterCapital we can help you! We become a cofounder. We help you in validating your idea, doing the market research, preparing the business plan, and even developing the product.


FasterCapital will also invest money in your startup by providing technical development per equity allowing you to build an MVP (minimum viable product) of your startup. With our program Idea to Product, we start from an early stage and we help in idea validation, market research, building the business plan and in estimating development costs.

Starting a business from scratch?
Our team will help you in building your business plan, validating your idea, building your product, among many other services

Money-back Guarantee

Pay only for results achieved!
We will study the opportunity of our collaboration and how FasterCapital can help and then we will list clear time-bound milestones that need to be met. Our team will do its best to deliver the best results in terms of quality, time frames, and offering the best technical and business insights. On the other hand, if the results were not met as planned you can get a refund and pay only for what have been achieved

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Usually building a software product needs between USD 20,000 and above.
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Other Programs

raise capital

Whether you are a startup or a business raising funds, we match you with angel investors, Venture Capitals, Government funds, banks, and other funding sources. We can also prepare/review your pitch deck, business plan and financial model.

tech cofounder

You are looking for a technical cofounder, a technical team, or a CTO to build your product. We provide technical support and cover 50% of the costs. We help you build and/or improve your MVP and handle technical development from A to Z. We help in software development, UI and UX integrating AI, others.

grow your start up

You have built your MVP and you are looking to grow your sales, increase your profitability, reach new markets, improve your marketing. We help you grow into new markets and scale while covering 50% of the cost. 

Program Services

Technical Development

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Raising Capital

We will match you with investors and provide you with a letter of commitment. We will also help you in reviewing and improving your Pitch Deck, Business Plan, and Financial Forecast


We will cover 50% of the costs

Business Development

We will support your business and take it to the next level! We can open new opportunities and new doors to your startups by introducing you to experts, investors, and mentors worldwide

Idea to Product Questions

Whom is this program for?

If you have an idea and would like to launch a startup based on the idea, then this is the right program for you. Most people who have expertise in a certain domain can come up easily with innovative ideas that lead to products in the market but might find it very difficult and challenging to convert their ideas into working products.

What are the services offered?

They are listed in the program above: Idea validation, making a market research, a business plan, and a business model canvas, being a technical co-founder and building a product, helping the founder raise capital and find investors are some of the most important services offered in the idea to product program. Simply put, these are the main things that an idea owner needs to validate and proceed with his/her ideas.

Will the startup get any funding?

If the startup needs technical development then FasterCapital is ready to invest 50% of the money needed in the form of technical development. So it’s work per equity principle. Idea to product program might be a step before going to technical partner program. FasterCapital will also help in raising 50% of the money needed.

How will the startup pay for the services it gets?

We get equity in return for the services we provide.

How much equity will FasterCapital get?

This highly depends on many factors such as the amount of money and efforts invested by FasterCapitalin the startup and the valuation of the startup.

What industries does the program focus on?

We work with all industries but since our role is of a technical co-founder the startup needs to have a technical component to it.

How long does it take approximately to reach the desired objectives?

This depends on how much work needs to be done. Usually, the idea to product program needs between two months and twelve months. It might take longer in some cases.

Can we sign an NDA with FasterCapital?

We usually don’t sign NDAs at an early stage because we get a lot of ideas. That is why we ask entrepreneurs to share only information they feel they are comfortable sharing. If we request to take a deeper look into the startup and entrepreneurs feel that they prefer to have an NDA then we can surely sign it.

Are there any agreements to be signed?

Yes, there are multiple agreements but not in the review stage. Only later once your startup is accepted into the program and is able to raise enough capital.

What if the idea is not a technical one? Can we still join the program?

No. Only startups that have a technical side that we can improve and work on are accepted in the idea to product program.

How could we make sure the product has the features and meets our standards?

During the planning, we will be setting together the features that are needed and we will commit to them. So if there are any enhancements or improvements to be done then FasterCapital is ready to carry the process out. Our internal team will keep in touch with the founder(s) and will make sure they are satisfied with the product.

What if the product needs further enhancements? Will FasterCapital continue to develop it?

Yes, we are willing to carry out possible improvements if needed. Our investment is usually spread over multiple rounds of funding. You can check our previous investment in startups section to see the investments we have done earlier.

How do you help idea stage startups?

We help first-time entrepreneurs and idea owners in many ways. If you are thinking of starting a business and looking for a team, partner, cofounder who will support your business in its journey, then FasterCapital can support you. We can help in idea validation, technical development, writing the business plan, pitch deck, financial forecasts, and other necessary documents, and in finding your first investor. We also support early-stage and idea-stage startups by matching them with investors and mentors.

What are the challenges of starting a business?

Finding the right people is the main challenge. Finding the right team members, finding the right mentors, finding the right partner or cofounder, and/or finding the right investor are all important aspects when starting a business. The program already covers most of these challenges by matching you with experts, investors, mentors, developers who will help you in building your startup.

How can the program help me in building my startup from scratch?

We will work with you from the first steps by writing your business plan, pitch deck, financial forecasts. We will help you in doing market research and competitors’ research to reach the best and most effective way your business model can work. We will then work on technical development and on building the product. Throughout your startup building journey, we will help in matching you with investors and mentors.