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KAHEMI is a Swedish Human Resource Management company.

KAHEMI is headed by CEO Kalle Nyhlén, Henrik Segerlund and Michael Högberg and has a wide network of partners all with a good knowledge of communication and work management all sharing the philosophy that a great working environment creates great results.

KAHEMI combines classical business management theories with well-founded psychological theory such as CBT (Cognitive-behavioral therapy), TA (Transactional Analysis) and SDT (Self-determination theory), in order to deliver powerful and long-lasting results transforming communication

This unique mix of business management and psychological theories are used as the foundation in workgroups to make the employees more conscious of how they communicate and drastically change the way the employees people communicate internally and with clients.

KAHEMI works primarily with high-quality leadership and group development as well as conflict management.

KAHEMI provide lectures, coaching and workshops.

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