Strategic Vision Limited

Advising & Assisting Business Leaders Acquire, Improve, Develop, Grow, 
Innovate, Present & Sell their Business. Providing Strategic Research, Analysis 
Innovative Thinking focusing on Customers, Partnerships & Value Creation.

Research & Analysis

Strategic Research and Analysis - Case Studies

Financial Analysis, Developing Pricing Strategy, Turn around Project, Germany

  • Provided financial analyses to the CEO in a turn-around-project
  • Developed a new pricing strategy based on analysis of the production process
  • Accomplished International management support projects in Germany and Sweden 
  • Conducted interviews with management in German
  • Gained exposure to the chemical industry
  • The company stopped loosing money on its products as a result of the new pricing strategy

Research and Analysis, Business Consulting, London, UK

  • Conducted research comparing and analyzing EU directives with legislation in different countries for a Japanese company 

Market Research, London, UK

  • Researched and analyzed the Scandinavian broadcasting and TV production industry.
  • Developed questionnaires, conducted research and analysed information

Market research, RTM, London, UK

  • Researched the Pharmaceutical industry in Ireland, the UK and Denmark to decide how to enter these markets with a new pharmaceutical product
  • Developed the initial Route-to-Market strategy for the product based on the research

Market Research, London, UK

  • Conducted primary research interviewing senior management to analyze potential business development possibilities for an outsourcing company
  • Analyzed the current market, the competition and the needs and demand of potential clients
  • Gained exposure to the outsourcing and catering industry
  • Developed initial ideas for market offering and RTM based on analysis of research

Market Research, London, UK

  • Conducted primary research with IT and senior management for two different marketing research and consultancy companies
  • Analyzed current and future markets for IT services in UK based on conducted research

Market Research, London, UK

  • Conducted primary research interviewing senior management and IT managers in Scandinavia.
  • Analyzed the buying and logistical processes at different companies
  • Helped the client understand their potential clients and their buying decision process
  • Gained exposure to IT Management mainly in Retail and Transportation businesses
  • The project resulted in an £100k increase of sales for the client

Management Consulting, London, UK

  • Conducted secondary research to gather market intelligence
  • Conducted financial analysis of industry and competitors to develop a strategically industry overview and business development strategy
  • Analyzed competitors and strategic trends and presented these in a Power Point presentation for the client
  • Gained exposure to the US high-end retail industry