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Advising & Assisting Business Leaders Acquire, Improve, Develop, Grow, 
Innovate, Present & Sell their Business. Providing Strategic Research, Analysis 
Innovative Thinking focusing on Customers, Partnerships & Value Creation.





Financial Analysis, Developing Pricing Strategy, Turn around Project, Germany

  • Provided financial analyses to the CEO in a turn-around-project
  • Developed a new pricing strategy based on analysis of the production process
  • Accomplished International management support projects in Germany and Sweden 
  • Conducted interviews with management in German
  • Gained exposure to the chemical industry
  • The company stopped loosing money on its products as a result of the new pricing strategy

Research and Analysis, Business Consulting, London, UK

  • Conducted research comparing and analyzing EU directives with legislation in different countries for a Japanese company 

Market Research, London, UK

  • Researched and analyzed the Scandinavian broadcasting and TV production industry.
  • Developed questionnaires, conducted research and analysed information

Market research, RTM, London, UK

  • Researched the Pharmaceutical industry in Ireland, the UK and Denmark to decide how to enter these markets with a new pharmaceutical product
  • Developed the initial Route-to-Market strategy for the product based on the research

Market Research, London, UK

  • Conducted primary research interviewing senior management to analyze potential business development possibilities for an outsourcing company
  • Analyzed the current market, the competition and the needs and demand of potential clients
  • Gained exposure to the outsourcing and catering industry
  • Developed initial ideas for market offering and RTM based on analysis of research

Market Research, London, UK

  • Conducted primary research with IT and senior management for two different marketing research and consultancy companies
  • Analyzed current and future markets for IT services in UK based on conducted research

Market Research, London, UK

  • Conducted primary research interviewing senior management and IT managers in Scandinavia.
  • Analyzed the buying and logistical processes at different companies
  • Helped the client understand their potential clients and their buying decision process
  • Gained exposure to IT Management mainly in Retail and Transportation businesses
  • The project resulted in an £100k increase of sales for the client

Management Consulting, London, UK

  • Conducted secondary research to gather market intelligence
  • Conducted financial analysis of industry and competitors to develop a strategically industry overview and business development strategy
  • Analyzed competitors and strategic trends and presented these in a Power Point presentation for the client
  • Gained exposure to the US high-end retail industry 


Benchmark studies, HR functions, Saratoga, London UK

  • Conducted benchmark studies and business analysis in a strategic human resource project
  • Went through the Saratoga process with the client
  • Project manager during an interim period of 3 weeks
  • The project was initially planned to be done bt Accenture

Benchmarking study: Industrial relations, London, UK

  • Conducting research, analysis and benchmark studies about transportation networks world wide and industrial relations in order to improve the industrial relations of a public transportation company.


Commercial Due Diligence, London UK

  • Conducting commercial due-diligence for a company to evaluate and understand the US IT medical market.
  • Conducted primary and secondary research.
  • Desk top research, conducting primary research

Commercial Due Diligence, London UK

  • Conducting commercial due-diligence for a company to evaluate their potential target company?s current and future market position, competitive landscape, cash flows etc. in order to evaluate the company?s value and whether they should bid for a company or not.
  • Desktop research, conducting primary research



Gathering Competitive Intelligence, London, UK

  • Conducted primary research to analyze the client?s industry, the competitors and potential customers needs. 
  • Gathered competitor and market intelligence for clients
  • Analyzed non-clients needs and attitudes to understand how to reach them and expand the clients customer base
  • Gained exposure to the IT and software industry
  • Conducted and completed interviews with 100% of the targets


Business development & -innovation (Insurance Company), Stockholm, Sweden

  • Analyzed the Swedish Insurance market and new potential products and services.
  • Analyzed the Swedish healthcare market from a political and business point of view in order to see what new insurance products would and could be in demand within the next 10 years.
  • The project resulted in a report for the client on what new insurance products to offer, when new markets would be likely to open, the market size for these products, what their competitors where doing, what insurance products were out there, what clients to target for the products and what they would be willing to pay for these products.
  • The client later sucessfully developed and launched new insurance products based on the conclusions in this report taking a market leading position.

Developed database and screening process to expand customer base, Private Bank, London, UK

  • Developed a database and screening process of customer prospects as part of a project to double the existing client base.


Market Selection study and market entry strategy selection, Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Conducted a market selection, industry and entry mode analysis of three East European countries for a new innovative product
  • Created market selection and analysis models to assist customers in evaluating business opportunities
  • Created a decision model for how to choose an entry mode strategy for the company?s international expansion
  • Gained exposure in the pump industry
  • The client successfully expanded their business and entered Poland, based on this research


  • Business coaching  for small companies resulting in 7x increased revenue and profit in a month
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