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Rise Above Adversity - how to overcome and steer through difficult times

Rise Above Adversity

- How to overcome and Steer through difficult times

I was fortunate to get an advance copy of this book by Brian Tracy and Liza Jones through one of my accountability groups, master mind and networks I am grateful to belong to.

In the book Liza talkes about “near misses” in life. These are the events where life could drastically change or even end.

I think these events happens for a reason. Maybe to reinforce our appreciation for being here and be grateful for being alive and to better use our time when we are here.

Yesterday I was at an event where Alfie Best talked about how his life was saved with only seconds to spare when someone pulled him back into a faulty lift that was stuck that suddenly started to move when he as crawling out.

I think this is an important book for the times we are in and for what might come.

To see the opportunity in every adversity and to paraphrase Dr. John Demartini, (the mentors’ mentor) everything and every person” just is”.

(previously posted on LinkedIn 2021)

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